Thursday, January 21, 2016

Playtime (1967)

I saw this film in a tent in the jungle, on LSD. And I loved it!

The best way I can think to describe it, is a ballet of wonderful madness, choreographed to perfection. You don’t really need to understand what the characters are talking about, as it’s all about visual comedy. Part social satire, part slapstick, part perfection.

I can't guarantee that the film will be as entertaining if you watch it in a cozy livingroom deep in the city, without the LSD, but why don't you give it a go and let me know in the comments below?


  1. This is definitely one of my favourite comedy films. 'traffic' is worth a watch too. Good to see you post!

  2. Awesome! I have not seen Traffic, so thanks for the recommendation =)

  3. I came across this film several years ago, and, damn, I still love it till this day.

    I like how you define this film : visual comedy, as I struggled to describe its genre when I discussed this film with a friend. I think "visual comedy" says it all.


  4. Yeah, it sure is a weird one. But still it has that magical pull, that keeps you glued to the screen...

    Thanks for commenting =)