Saturday, April 23, 2016

High Life (2009)

You just gotta love stupid criminals. There's a simple, but oh so compelling and poetic justice in seeing people fail at being bad.

Take for example this bunch of washed up junkies trying to rob a bank, when they can't hardly stop fighting amongst themselves. Contrary to the super-cool heist films where slick criminals pull of the most intricate plots while being chased by a bumbling detective, the fun in this one comes from knowing their ploy is doomed to fail from the very beginning, and wanting to see just how much they'll fuck up.

If you enjoyed Weirdsville or Contact High, you'll definitely love this one too.



  1. just discovered your site, so many good movies! Thank you, keep them coming. A couple of recommended weird movies that I'm sure you would enjoy, based on your selection:

    The Forbidden Room (2015) and all Guy Maddin movies (Cowards Bend the Knee is a good starting point, and you can follow with My Winnipeg ). There's a reason why some all him the Canadian Lynch.

    Mr Nobody (2009)

    Save the Green Planet (2003) One of the most unique movies I have seen in the last few years, it's a rollercoster of genres and emotions.

    Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010) not the best story, but it's worth it just for the ambience and colors.

    Visitor Q (2001)

    The Lobster (2016) maybe not at its place on this site, but you might have missed it since it's recent. The movie Dogtooth from the same director was great too.

    The Double (2014) and Enemy (2013) you probably have seen at least one of them, but it's interesting to watch them one after the other, as they are adapted from the same story, yet so different.

    Scott Pilgrim vs The World

    Uncle Boonmee Who can Recall His Past Lives

    A Field in England

    Valerie and her Week of Wonders (1970)

    Roy Andersson's Living Trilogy

    I'm too lazy right now to go into details, but I'm sure you'll find most of them worth a watch. And most of those movies follow your ''don't watch the trailer'' recommendation (especially save the green planet)

  2. Hello Magnus, and thank you for the nice words. I've seen most of the ones on that list, but there were a few new ones too, so thank you for the recommendations =)