Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Mosquito Coast (1986)

Have you ever dreamed of leaving the busy hustle of modern civilization behind, to venture into in a perfect paradise of the amazonian jungle? That's the idea of the romantic lead character in this film, who gets his family to pack up their stuff and start their own little utopia on the foreboding Mosquito Coast. As the title subtly suggests, their new home turns out to be less hospitable than imagined, and reality soon strikes back with a vicious sting.

Legendary director Peter Weir (The Cars That Ate Paris & Picnic at Hanging Rock) conjures up a magical tale, that is part adventure, part social commentary. And even though this is not the role which Harrison Ford will be remembered by, it is still probably the finest acting he has ever done.

The film is sure to entertain both young and old, and challenge the viewer to rethink the value of both nature and modern society.



  1. This story shows us the positive aspects of the life away from civilization. The modern world represents distant and alien to the protagonist.

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