Friday, July 14, 2017

The Baytown Outlaws (2012)

This one is pure entertainment!

For once, a film not only lives up to its awesome poster, but goes well beyond, in a completely over-the-top carnage of guns and gasoline.

Though it has certainly borrowed several ideas from Mad Max 2, Baytown Outlaws is more playful and has no illusions about being taken seriously.

It's simply a perfect grindhouse feature, with hot women and slick assholes saying silly catchphrases before shooting off way more bullets than any gun would realistically hold.

The great Billy Bob Thornton is also at the top of his game, and I suspect this role might have been what got him cast as the deliciously depraved super-villain of Fargo: Season 1.



  1. This time the spectator encounters the incredibly strong supervillains and the heroes, eager for a justice. This film will be captured literally from the first episode.

  2. I wish this website was still alive.. Every movie I found out about at is great and special to me. Plaese consider updating it again. Thank you!!!

  3. Wow. Thank you so much Thomas, for those kind words. The reason the site has not been updated in a long while is actually because I have been busy writing a novel. I'm currently in the editing stages though, and will most probably have some more time to blog again in a month or so. And I do have some gems I want to tell you about... =)

    Thanks again!

  4. Hello, your reply has just made me very happy. Really looking forward for new posts, and while waiting, I'm going to find another movie from the archive now, to warm up that gloomy, wintery evening here. Greetings from England. Thomas.

  5. Awesome. Have a nice one.

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  6. I have found so many gems through QCC, I look forward to your return!

  7. This one is pure entertainment!It's simply a perfect grindhouse feature!