Thursday, September 13, 2018

Jam (2000)

From dark to darker, this one plunges to new depths of pitch black comedy.

It's a sketch show, with loosely connected bits that will have you gasping at their audacity. Rape, murder and mutilation is only the start of it, as the creative wickedness knows no bounds.

And if the subject matter wasn't bad enough, the technical aspects are also intentionally off. The aspect ration, color grading, lip-syncing and editing keeps making "mistakes", which adds to the general fucked uppedness, and had someone call it "An acid trip in a hospital for the criminally insane".

The darkness actually goes so far, that the show was once voted the 26th scariest in film and television history. What other comedy show has ever won awards for being scary?

The whole thing is currently available on Youtube, so hurry on over and check it out before someone is offended enough to take it down.


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